Prior to covid we would usually spend almost half of each year travelling....the covid bug put the knockers on that, all of our recent trips have been short ones.
Hopefully this will change in 2022 - we intend to display details and photos of future trips on this page so call back regularly.

We have been camping for many years particularly following my retirement, the method we apply when planning a trip can be read about by clicking the book icon below.
You can also view a pretty much complete list of all our campsites in  a separate pop-up window by clicking the little  caravan icon below. (opens a virus checked PDF file)
In December we went for a short, three day trip to Bigriggen Campground.
Years ago, when we lived in another location we would regularly spend lots of days camping here.
Back then it was real bush camping, other than toilets and coin operated showers there was not much there, it was however a great place to take the family, lots of room, relatively flat grass and, best of all a waterhole.
It had been 12 years since we last camped at Bigriggen so it was going to be interesting to see what has changed in that time.
Fortunately the changes have been minor, the office/shop  has moved to a new location, there are now  a number of  powered caravan sites but basically the place has changed little.

Bigriggen Dec 2021

Queen Mary Falls Sept 2021
   Bigriggen campground
Excel file of campsites to date
In late September we did relativity short trip to the Condamine Gorge and Queen Mary Falls.
We were joined by many other family members.

Queen Mary Falls...down near the NSW border....the falls look spectacular with a good flow of water over them.

While we were down there we toured the Condamine River road....a great four wheel drive trip that follows the Condamine River along the gorge, crossing it some 14 times.
The river road is in good condition to the point where a two wheel drive vehicle, with good ground clearance, would be able to negotiate it.
A number of riverside picnic spots exist along this route
It was good to get most of the family together, a rare occasion these days. This is us all at our campfire in the Queen Mary Falls caravan park. The map below give viewers some idea of where Queen Mary Falls are.....about 130km from our home.

In August 2021 we decided on a trip out west...the following is a quick  view of places visited.

Queensland Mid West trip Aug 2021
First stop, for  a night was Bowenville, a free camp near Dalby..not  a bad spot but lots of prickles.
Next stop was Chinchilla...Ruebens Lagoon caravan park, a nice setting indeed.
Chinchilla is the Watermelon capital of Australia, apparently.
Our next camp, Meandarra, or more correctly, Brigalow Lagoon Campground, alongside the Brigalow Creek, what  a fantastic too. We have often stopped at Meandarra, toilets and drinking water are available. Town is a short pleasant walk along a sealed pathway. A supermarket, pub, newsagent and servo.
Meandarra campground, the old disused railway station, now  a museum. Cold showers here, firepits and dump point too.
From Meandarra we had planned to go further south to Goondiwindi, however, we heard that camping space was quite limited there as lots of southerners were awaiting the borders to reopen....we decided to return to Chinchilla. But not to Ruebens Lagoon caravan park but to the showground instead.
We had observed the showgrounds during our previous visit, it looked quite ok...$25 power and water, a huge non cluttered camping area, it was good.
While there we saw a convoy of old Toyota's come in...they were on a charity was indeed something to see.
FJ 40 series Toyota Landcruiser's...about 20 of them!

From Chinchilla we headed north east to a small town, Jandowae, to the showgrounds there.

A nice but quite small camping area, later in the day a lot of horse folk arrived. Everything was ok but it was a long walk to the toilet block, oddly placed a distance from the camp. $15 power and water here, dump point too.
While in Jandowae, and one reason why we wanted to stop there, was the location of one of the largest wind farms in the country.

Coopers Gap Wind Farm is a 453 megawatt wind farm in the Western Downs near Jandowae. There are 123 turbines here. The hills are covered in them, and I have to say, they are the ugliest things going! :)
Following Jandowae we returned to Dalby but passed through, about 30 odd km south and we came to Lake Broadwater, and we were pleased we did, a very nice spot to camp.
With recent rain Lake Broadwater had a lot of water in it...but it was not deep, in fact you could walk across it, if you could stand the mud. The campgrounds are well run, toilets, showers, hot and cold, drinking water, fire pits, wood is sold there. Dump point, $13.50 per night unpowered.
And finally...a return to one of our favorite free camps, Nobby.

Over the years we have camped at Nobby on many occasions, due to its close-ish 80km distance from home we will often stop here as our last trip stop, before going home...a meal at Nobby pub something to look forward too.
Rudds Pub at Nobby has a lot of history, always good to drop in if passing that way. Nobby township (Pub, servo, not much else) sits just off the  New England Highway about 40 km south of Toowoomba.
I have inserted a link below so you can read all about it.

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