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AutumnTrip...March 2022.

Poor weather has postponed this trip twice....was to kick off around the middle of January.
Now into March and a new issue  has emerged....Putin, in his bid to crush The Ukraine has caused world oil prices to escalate...suggestions here are that diesel could hit $3 per litre, or worse, diesel will become hard to get.
We feel that despite the dire warnings above we don't wish to stay, off we go.
Note too that once-upon-a-time we would upload a map here showing our intended route...history has proven however that our 'intended' route will almost never be followed so that idea has been dropped.

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We finally got away, couple of weeks delayed due to weather events.
Our first stop was Lake Broadwater, a two hour drive west.

For the past few years Lake Broadwater has been just a 'puddle' in the middle, rain events, starting in late 2021 have changed that. The Lake is currently 100%+ and it looks great.
Situated about 30 km south of Dalby, the lake is popular with locals, especially during weekends.
The camping section has powered and grassy 'bush; camping sites....water (but not for caravan connection) showers and toilets are available, firepits too. It is quite cheap at $6.70 per adult per night...we camped in the unpowered northern area but understand power is free in the southern caravan park-type area. Some photos below......
Lake Broadwater
Jandowae Showgrounds
From Lake Broadwater we traveled directly north to the tiny town of Jandowae, to the showground there. We have stayed here a couple of times previously.
Biggenden has a great little RV camp right in town, we have stayed there often....the RV park is on the old railway station and good yard site. It has been around 20 years since a train ran through Biggenden.
The station and buildings remain, some of which  are used by the Mens Shed.
Biggenden is a small town, there are a number of closed shops now, there are still two hotels, a bakery, a Foodworks. butcher, gas station and a few other shops.
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Again our plans change!. We had expected to spend a few days in Bundaberg....sadly the BOM site folk warned us that another 'rain bomb' might be approaching. During our travels on this trip we have often noticed pools of water laying bedside the roads, most waterholes appear full, the countryside is very wet, we think any more rain right now could involve local flooding...and they are predicting 100mils!
We think heading north, away from home might not be a good idea right now.
YallaKool Tourist Park on Lake Barambah.
Yallakool Tourist Park sits on the edge of Lake Barambah, its some 20 km from the town of Murgon in the South Burnett.
We have camped at Yallakool on a number of occasions. Our last visit, maybe two years ago, the lake was just 17% full, with the recent rains it is currently around 80%...we were told that it got to 130% very recently.
Yellakool is operated by the South Burnett Shire Council, it is a large area and contains cabins as well as powered and unpowered campsites. One our visit the park was pretty much empty but the managers tell us it will be chocka during the upcoming school holidays.
We had planned on staying just the two nights due to poor weather forecasting,  However, day No three started off perfectly, we stayed another did cloud over a bit later but was still pleasant...some photos below. The correct name for Yallakool is actually Yallakool on Bjelke-Petersen Dam. Jo Bjelke-Petersen was once a Queensland Premier and  I, and many others, objected to naming the dam after him as he was still alive and serving at the may have been ok in naming it so after his death but not before. Hence I refer to it as Lake Barambah, formed behind BP  Dam.
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Wooroolin RV camp.
From Yallakool we did a little detour...for our final night we decided to stay at a free RV camp in Wooroolin, a small town some 20km or so from Kingaroy in the South Burnett. We have stayed at Wooroolin RV camp on many occasions. There is not much there, the town, once very big, is now tiny, a pub, a post office and, our reason for stopping, the Butchers Café.
When we first visited Wooroolin, perhaps 5 or more years ago, the butcher was well known for the quality of the bacon he sold.. Sadly, the butcher could not compete with the Woolies and Coles supermarket giants in Kingaroy and he decided to stop butchering and try running a café instead. It appears to have been a good decision, the café does well from not just passing traffic but from the many RV campers, across the road...including us, fish and chips and a hamburger with the lot saved us getting anything out.
We stayed just the one night, the campsite sits on the former railyards, once a major rail head.
Free hot showers are available and  a large grassy area to risk of feeling like  a sardine at Wooroolin!.

From Wooroolin we returned home, via Esk where the bakery and its sausage rolls and pies are not to be missed. A 200 km run, after leaving quite early saw us home mid-morning.

We have stayed in the Mundubbera showgrounds a couple of times....we like how we can pick our own site as apposed to be told where to camp at many other places....Mundubbera showgrounds has many sites located around the grounds, many power boxes and taps are available.
Mundubbera township, a short drive away, is 'fully equipped'. No doubt we will stop here again as we pass by this location.
So ends this 'Autumn Trip 2022. Thank you for following us...we anticipate a winter trip, details will be posted on our Home page, please bookmark our website, I am in the process of uploading various tips and tricks we have picked up along the call back again soon.

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Autumn Trip - March 2022
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