Grey Water Storage

Grey Water Storage

Today many free and low cost campgrounds require campers to be fully self contained, this means that NO waste is to be left behind, not only the usual rubbish we all have but no waste water should be allowed to fall on the ground either. Indeed some locations can apply very large fines and equipment confiscation if you fail to do this.

For many years now motor homes sold in Australia have been equipped with grey storage facilities, in most cases it simply means an extra water retention tank of somewhere betwee 50 – 200 litres capacity depending on the size of the vehicle, mounted under the chassis.

For some unknown reason however few caravans are fitted with any such device, perhaps it might be that generally caravans, in the past anyway will use caravan parks and therefore they will connect to the parks waste systems but today even where the majority of caravans have ensuites fitted some method of retaining waste water is rare.

nb. Jayco state that 90%+ of the RV’s they produce today have an ensuite.

There are ways around this of course, to purchase a seperate water tank and have it installed under your caravan would be the ideal solution, however apart from the cost this might not be possible on many ‘non-off road’ vans due to lower ground clearance dimension issues.

The answer is not hard, your waste water tanks needs not to be permenantly installed but you must be able to catch all of the water and not allow any to spill, not a drop…our set up will satisfy the rules and costs little…click the photo below to see how we overcame this issue.