Cupboard space

Cupboard space wasted.


In a caravan, particulary a smaller one like ours cupboard space is at a premium. Jayco, in their wisdom dont put a lot of thought into giving as much space as possible. Under the dining room seat one cupboard had its available space severerly hampered because water pipes coming up through the floor did so right in the middle of the space rather then off to the side… in addition, to access this space it was necessary to loosen the table support leg so the table top could be spun sideways and remove the cushions, not an easy or convienent undertaking.

Click on the photo below to see what I did to correct this situation.

Increased cupboard space

For some unknown reason Jayco decided to have some of the water pipes that come through from under  the floor routed right through the centre of the under-seat cupboard space…thereby rendering the cupboard all but useless….see what I done to fix matters..