Caravan and Car page

For the benefit of any Americans reading this, a caravan is our name for a travel trailer, they are very popular in our, largely flat country. Fifth Wheelers are also popular but most caravans are around 14 to 30 foot in length and are most commonly towed by four wheel drive vehicles.

In our lifetime we have owned seven caravans, like many we started off with tents and progressed through modified campervans to collapsible trailer-type campers ended up with caravans.

Our current caravan is a Jayco 17′ Starcraft Outback, we brought it new in 2013 and to date we have towed it some 49’000km over some good and not so good roads. It has been a good van, sure we have had a few issues but they have pretty much been minor…sadly Jayco use ‘not the best quality’ components, I must have replaced every cupboard catch and hinge by now. All the switches in all the interior LED lighting replaced too. The photo below was taken the day we picked it up – Jayco Tweed Heads.

Cars too, have been a big part of my life….the current vehicle, a 2021 Mitsubishi Triton 4×4 is car number 32!….I am truly hoping it will be the last. The photo below was also taken on day one…March 2021.

My very first car was a 1939 Austin 10, it was actually given to me by my now departed brother Des…in 1965 or thereabouts…the photo below is not of the actual car but it is the same model…mine was Royal Blue, I brush painted it myself.