Bob McKernon, Caravan clubs Prez

From: CCCQ President []

Sent: Wednesday, 18 June 2014 11:51 PM

To: ‘Paul F Greig’

Cc: Ron Chapman ; Jason Plant ; Kristy Ponting ; Adrian Skinner ; Barbara 

Rutherford ; Brtan Lewis ; Carolyn Healy ; Peter Holgate; Rob Poulter; Trish 


Subject: RE: Sunday Mail article today


I thank you for your email regarding  the Sunday Mail article. As you rightly observe, given your own input 

that was not reported, I had even less control over how my comments were reported. Perhaps it is 

appropriate to pay the same respect to Ms Ponting.  The journalist did advise me  that he had little control 

over the editorial space provided. I suspect there was an attempt by the Courier Mail to seek a rat in the 

woodpile that did not exist in the first place.

Our role is to seek the best outcome for group caravanners where ever they choose to stay. You can be 

forgiven for not knowing that the CCCQ has had dialogue with, Redlands Regional Council , Logan Regional 

Council , Ipswich Regional Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Darling downs Regional Council, 

Cassowary Coast Regional Council, the Minister for Tourism- Qld, the Minister for Transport-Qld , the 

Member for Noosa. and recently the Caravan Parks Assoc Qld. Councils throughout Queensland 

 demonstrate an awakening as to the potential of RV Tourists passing through their regions and how they 

might capture the tourist dollar to be spent in their communities. These meetings have all occurred within 

the last twelve months. Input by the CCCQ community will, by default, flow on to  RV community 


Our role is to acknowledge and respect the players within the RV market place. Each player has a role to 

play and should be allowed to market their wares. The consumer will ultimately decide his or her 

preference. The CCCQ has, for some years now, worked closely with the Caravan Trades Industry Assoc, 

Caravanning Qld, The CMCA, The NACC, and sister State Bodies in an endeavour to capture and magnify 

the expectations of the Caravanning/ RV fraternity. We invite and indeed look forward to support from 

persons such as yourself who have a positive contribution to offer.  Perhaps given positive support by all 

players and spectators we may in consultation achieve a worthwhile outcome for all.

Your thoughts are welcome,


Bob McKernon

President CCCQ

0408 887 139

From: Paul F Greig []  

Sent: Sunday, 15 June 2014 8:57 PM 


Subject: Sunday Mail article today

Dear Mr McKernon, 

I refer to the article in Brisbane’s Sunday Mail today entitled ‘No Joy at Van Parks’

It was somewhat disappointing to me that earlier this month I was approached by Tom Snowdon, the 

journalist named with the article to do an interview regarding my objection to the high cost of caravan 

park sites, I was approached as I have been quite vocal on the matter on various internet based caravan 

user forums, in particular ‘Grey Nomad’ related.

None of what I had to say in my interview, nor any of the numerous photos taken were used in today’s 


It appears now that much of what I did say would be at logger heads with the article. Many caravan park 

operators, across Australia have been quite active in having free or low cost camping areas closed, many 

rural business who will readily admit that they owe much of their existence to caravan travellers attracted 

to free or low cost camp grounds supplied by councils mindful of the benefits to the communities, I would 

suspect that some of these business’ would feel  quite uneasy by comments attributed to M/s Ponting of 

the Caravan Parks Association in today’s article.

I believe it is quite wrong to infer that high site costs can be blamed on this ‘uneven playing field’ M/s 

Ponting mentions. Our own experience, as grey nomads, is that there is one main reason for these high 

costs, I feel it is not fair to single out electricity, water or wades, these costs are all borne by other 


A fact I am a little surprised that you  failed to mention, is the propensity of caravan parks to install cabins 

at the expense of caravan sites, on many occasions we have observed cabins sitting idle during the ‘non 

holiday’ periods, surely the cost of these cabins would have to be recouped, this is in addition to the other 

cost you mentioned in the article, the installation of family orientated amenities,  and how else but by the 

only other source of income a park might have……..from the caravan sites?

Interesting to note that some caravan parks have recently been reported to have removed some cabins in 

an attempt to increase their income.

I thing that, either by error or design, the section where you are quoted as saying  “….fees to stay at camp 

grounds were too expensive” is incorrect, I feel it should have been..’caravan parks’ were too expensive.

And finally, it is my opinion,  gleaned from many ‘happy hours’ around the camp fire,  grey nomads do not 

necessarily want free camp spots, the preference is more to low cost camps where minimal facilities are 

supplied, such as picnic tables, fire places etc.

Yours sincerely,

Paul F Greig


The response I received from Mr McKernon is below, note the people he elected to send a copy of my email onto, most are  caravan industry related, some of course are quite against even the thought of ‘free camping’

I sent an email to the President of the combined caravan clubs of Queensland Mr Bob McKernon, a copy is below.