About us

We are a retired couple living in the fertile Lockyer Valley, Queensland…we are some 100km west of the state capital, Brisbane.

This is the Lockyer Valley, a very fertile valley, often termed ‘the salad bowl’ of Queensland, in fact some 70-90% of the states vegetables are grown in this valley.

We have maintained a website for some six years…in that time we recorded a huge amount of information, some 60 pages all up.

Each and every caravan trip across Australia including comments, images and even some video was uploaded….we had caravan and camping tips and tricks. Our website was regularly viewed by friends and relatives, especially when we were on a trip…we even had site visitors from overseas. It gave us pleasure to share information about Australia.

Sadly, all this came to a sudden stop in early 2021, our hosting company was taken over by another and we could no longer publish. Their explanation was that as we had been using old and now unsupported website creation software ‘Web Page Maker’ it was no longer compatible. I was unable to migrate any of the 60 pages to the new hosting .

In September 2021 we joined WordPress. This is a big learning curve…at this early stage I have not been able to move any info from the old to the new….despite paying some $60 to join WordPress I am disappointed to learn that if I want to add video or CSS to our website I need to pay extra. If I want to add a ‘professional’ logo I need to pay extra, I wonder what else ‘extra’ I have to pay for.

Please call back again soon as we progress along.

Paul and Pam….October 2021.