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The 'about us' page tells visitors a little about our home, car and caravan and attempts to explain what 'Grey Nomads' are...
We are a retired couple and we really enjoy retirement.

The term 'grey nomads' is an endearing one, it usually refers to older people who, in retirement, spend a lot of their lives traveling the roads of Australia...they may have a motor home, tow a caravan (travel trailer) or camper or even just simply take a tent...regardless of how they travel they often have one thing in common; they have few plans, they don’t really care where they go or how long they take to get there.
Oh, we are 'part time' nomads in that true nomads don’t actually have a bricks and mortar home, just the one on wheels.
We have enjoyed sitting around  campfires in some pretty remote places in Australia, conversation often gets around to 'what we used to do', and it is interesting to learn that the gentleman sitting opposite is  a retired QANTAS pilot, the lady on the other side a retired ER nurse, or the bloke with the worn and battered Akubra who speaks of his life on one of the largest cattle stations in the Northern Territory. Grey Nomads sitting around a campfire can quickly solve all of the worlds issues in a remarkably short time.

Up until just a few years ago we lived in Logan City, in the suburb of Underwood, about 20 km south of Queenslands state  capital Brisbane, we lived there for 32 years.
When we first moved there many of our neighbors where just like us, kids growing up, mostly going to the same school. After school most days would see kids riding their bikes, quite safely, all over the place, playing in each others back yards, the mums supplying drinks and biscuits. Regular school functions and neighborhood get togethers would see all of us parents get together and enjoy ourselves.
Sadly and as they say, all good things must come to an end..and they did. It was about the early 2000's that the kids grew up and many of the parents started to sell up and move on
The investors and then the renters moved in. The neighborhood started an a downward slide. While not all the renters were feral, many were. The nicely manicured  lawns disappeared, hoons in their 'hotted up' cars now replaced the kids on bikes.
We stuck around for some years but we too eventually decided to go.
In early 2018 we put our Underwood home on the market and we moved into our caravan and a caravan park on the Gold Coast....it took just 4 weeks to sell the house and we were happy with the price we got...
We now live in a  rural location, 100km west of Underwood, in a small town that doesn't even have traffic lights! 
Some photos  taken around  our new house  lower down , a collection of old and new.
Prior to the pandemic we would usually spend about half of each year travelling around  Australia with our caravan in tow.
From the start of 2020 this has not been the case.
Now, with 2022 starting we are optimistic that we will again be able to get back on the road. Once the school holidays are over and upon completion of a couple of medical appointments we will be off again....once we have an idea of where we might go we will post it on our 'Future trips' section of our caravan trips page.

We have managed  a few short trips over the past 12 months  and I  have info about them on our 'Our Caravan Trips' page.

We have been enjoying camping for many years, like many we started off with  a tent, quite a variety of tents actually, we then had  a camper trailer and finally caravans....our current caravan is our seventh!. You can read more about how we travel on 'Our caravan and tow vehicle page'.
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Lake Dyer - a short drive from home. Almost empty for a long time on left (2019)...now chokka blok (Jan 2022)
This is us...ok, ok, it was a couple of years ago, actually it was in 2009, and we were about to leave on our first trip, in retirement.
Come a long way, the car  at the top was my very first..its a 1939 Austin 10. The photo is of the actual car...it was black but I hand painted it Royal Blue.   The vehicle below that  is our current, and likely last vehicle, it is a 2021 Triton 4x4 Utility....it is my 32nd car! If interested you may wish to read about all the cars I have owned....click the icon below.
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