Covid sucks!

Like many people Covid has impacted upon our lives

We would however be the first to admit that many others have suffered much more than we have..

As pensioners our income has been pretty much unaffected. Fortunately also, our grown up families have also been largely unaffected .

The main affect covid has had on us is our inability to travel. We have been able to do a couple of short trips but going out of our state is not on, not yet anyway.

One other thing that has happened is our old website has gone, for some six years we have maintained a website via Web Page Maker, sadly this company no longer exists and we have had to change….in coming months I hope to be able to reload a lot of that stuff…all out previous trip data and photos…this will not happen over night.

I hope you will drop by again soon, if you would like to know anything or you would like to be advised when I have restored our old website, or part thereof, please don’t hesitate to email us here;

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