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Ever since I started to drive I have enjoyed dad before me also....planning a trip; having some idea where the route will take me, where to stay, where not to stay, how much will it cost, where can fuel be obtained, vehicle preperation etc etc, is all part of the enjoyment.
Not only the pre-trip planning but keeping a record of where I went and the details of fuel costs, how much fuel was consumed, odometer readings etc was usually recorded too.
Later in life, especially once I had retired, trip planning and detail recording has become so much better thanks to technology and computer programs such as Wikicamps and Caravancaravan.
Often I come across old trip handwritten records hidden for many years and it is on this page that I will digitize them for permanency
Needless to say, comments on these old records will be gratefully accepted.

Old Trips - Scanned Records.
This trip was in May 1979.....from our home in Kallangur, near Brisbane to Adelaide and return.....on this trip we took Pam's Mum and Dad, Phyllis and Ron, son Darryl (6yo) and our dog Rover....full details of where we stayed are no longer available but it was mostly in 'on-site' caravans....the precursor to caravan park cabins of today. The vehicle, picture to right, was the Toyota HiAce van, there were no seats in the back of this van, Me Darryl and Ron sat in the front bench seat, Pam and Phyllis sat on folding camp chairs in the back!...something frowned upon today.
We travelled to Adelaide via Sydney, dropping Phyllis and Ron and Rover off at their daughters place along the way.
May 1979 Brisbane to Adelaide, via Sydney.
On this last page relating to the 1979 trip I make short  reference to a trip completed about 3 years earlier..this trip was in our Holden Gemini. Some details of that trip have been fouud and available further down.
I eventually found some details of the Gemini trip to Adelaide...only the first page sadly and the quality has suffered with time....I have not been able to locate the second page yet.
I have always found that planning a trip is all part of the fun....not just the trip route and where we are to stay, which often changes just down the road anyway, but vehicle preperation as well.
The following image was thought to relate to the Kingswood, so likely 1985 or so.
And the 'parts list' required for that service:
One point I'd like to add the years since I typed up this checklist there are a number of things I have learned....I never use the caravan handbrake.....unlike the car, there is no warning light on the dash to remind you that the caravan handbrake is still....forgetting to release it fully can be very expensive, instead I simply use wooden blocks on each side of each tyre.
And finally, once we started towing a caravan behind us on our trips we needed to have another check-list....being relatively new to caravanning there were a lot of things we had to remember...the list below was compiled for our little 12' Viscount caravan and probably the early 1980's.
Also significant is that the list was prepared on my old typewriter....all before computers....before that it was all handwritten, just like my Dad did.