Our first trip for 2016 was a relatively short one...we call it the Oz Day Trip as we kicked off on January 26 th, Australia Day.
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Following Easter 2016, when everyone had returned to work and school we headed off on another trip to Sydney, this time we allowed ourselves 3 weeks to drive there...the route would take us west to Goondiwindi and then south along secondary roads in an effort to avoid the Newell Highway and its monster trucks... click here
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Our Trips
Oz Day trip, commenced January 26 2016 (Australia Day)
Autumn Trip. March 2016.
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Jacaranda Journey - October 2016.

This trip commences in Sydney and is a continuation of our 'Sydney in Spring' trip, as we return home we are to meet up with a group of friends at Grafton for the annual Jacaranda festival....click here

Sydney In Spring September 2016.

This trip will see us away from home for quite a while, it will see us go part of the way down the New England Highway....a different way for us, this highway is not the most suitable for caravans due to the number of hills but as they say...a change is like a holiday.
The plan is to go to Sydney (again :)) taking our time getting there of course, after a week in Sydney we will slowly travel up the NSW coast until we get to Grafton, up towards the Qld border where we will meet up with some friends for the Grafton Jacaranda Festival.
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North By North West Trip June 2016
A trip to north west Queensland.....
Barely had we returned from our Autumn trip to Sydney when we planned a trip to Western Queensland. From previous experience we were aware that it can get very cold out there but the days are usually perfect...well, that is what we hope anyway....to see our trip photos and comments click here.

  1. January 2016 - Oz Day Trip...Queensland Central Coast.
  2. March 2016 - Autumn Trip...Sydney...via Fossicker's Way
  3. June 2016- North by North West Trip...Western Queensland.
  4. September 2016- Sydney in Spring Trip...Via New England Highway.
  5. October - November 2016- Jacaranda Festival Trip...our return home via the Pacific Highway.
  6. December 2016- January 2017 -  Sydney 4 Xmas trip...our 'down trip'.
  7. January 2017 - Our return home from the 'Sydney 4 Xmas Trip'
  8. March 2017 - Coral Coast Trip...a trip up to Queensland's Coral Coast, the name given to a stretch of coastline around Bundaberg.  We will return via an inland route stopping at some lakes.
  9. May 2017 - Sydney - One Last Time....the family is coming home!!...possibly our very last trip to Sydney!!
  10. Spring Trip 2017.....a tour of the lower half of Queensland.
  11. Clontarf, Redcliffe Peninsular, Queensland. December 2017...from the time we returned from our 'One Last Time' Sydney Trip and up until the end of 2017 we only had one small trip...to Clontarf .
  12. All Trips from January 2018 ...click here.

Sydney 4 Xmas trip- December 2016
This is the 'downward' part of the trip, from home to Sydney.

This year we had decided to spend Christmas in Sydney...down the Pacific Highway again, some familiar places, some new...click here to follow this trip.

Sydney 4 Xmas trip- Return trip home - December - Jan 2017
This is the 'homeward' part of the trip, from Sydney home.

This is our return trip from Christmas in Sydney...again, some familiar places, some new...click here to follow this trip.

Coral Coast trip - March  2017
A three week trip up the Queensland Coast to Elliott Heads returning home via an inland route, stopping at a couple of dams along the way.
Note...this trip was supposed to commence in late February but a poor weather forecast was issued a week before we were due to leave....a week of rain right up the coast they said....nothing happened!!..the weather guys are usually very accurate these days...but not this time it seems... such is the science of weather forecasting..the trip will now start March 7th.

Follow this trip here.

Sydney - One Last Time.

Early in 2017 we received the great news that Darryl, Alison and the kids were hoping to return to Queensland!
They moved to Sydney from Queensland about 6 years ago...as a result of that we have worn a path in the highways between our home and Sydney, regularly traveling that 1000 km  trip more than once each year.

The news is great to us as we really do not like Sydney, it is way to busy for us bumpkins. But having said that we must say that we have enjoyed staying in the Lane Cove Tourist Park and having the kids, Caitlin and Brayden, stay with us.
So, we have therefore decided that we will do one last trip to 'The Big Smoke' as Sydney is known, once the family leave Sydney it is unlikely we will return there.

This trip will commence towards the end of May, 2017....follow us here.
Calliope River Camp -  Central Qld - 2017
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