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Washing machine water to the grass.
I today solved a problem that has been haunting me for ages; some time ago I purchased a water pump, it's actually a marine bilge pump, a submersible type, I set it up in the laundry tubs and when Pam is doing the washing the machine fills the tubs and the water pumps directly to the grass via a cheap hose I brought for a lowly price at Bunnings, or was it Masters?…at the end of the hose I had installed a sprinkler, also of top quality fully imported from China…all went well and the washing water kept the grass alive during enduring droughts…the problem was that the lint from the washing continually caused blockages in the small sprinkler holes…this was despite the water going through a cloth mesh filter with-in the washing machine itself…the ultra fine particles were congregating as they tried to get through the sprinkler, on many occasions Pam had to clean the holes out during the washing process, using a piece of wire I had cut for her…trying to find a solution I had a 'light-bulb or eureka' moment …I returned to Bunnings and purchased an in-line filter, the type you would install in a home garden sprinkler system… unfortunately this made the situation worse!... in a very short time this filter became totally blocked  and whereas previously even though the sprinkler holes were being partially blocked the water was being forced out the un-blocked holes…not ideal but at least the water was still getting through, lest the tub in the laundry would overflow!…cleaning the holes with the piece of wire was somewhat difficult and tedious…I needed a better something.
Today I fixed it…now the idea actually stems from my recent investigation into diesel engine technology and in particular the filtration of the fuel and the separation of errant particle in diesel can cause havoc in a common rail engine blocking injectors and doing untold damage apparently, almost the end of the world I was told…a good filtration system is essential…the filters also  separate any water in that fuel and my 'invention' separates that troublesome lint from the water...
Footnote, to date the system has worked re markedly well, some lint will persist in partially blocking the sprinkler holes but it is no longer common.
Calliope River Camp -  Central Qld - 2017
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