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Trip Planning
How do we plan our trips?
It is our opinion that the planning stage is as good as the trip itself! is fun to plan, to look for exactly where to go, where not to go and where to stop. Of course some planning is necessary from a money point of view however I must also say that our trip plans almost always change along the way, sometimes within the first few days!...chatting with others around a happy hour campfire will often result in route changes, mention of a 'great place to camp' is often enough to chuck the original plans out the window.

We use modern technology as much as we can, we travel with a smart phone and a lap top computer, we have a Telstra wireless broadband account and find that we can get coverage in most towns nowadays.
To find where we are to camp we use two apps mainly; Caravancaravan and Wikicamps.

Of course we Google Maps but we also carry use printed maps.I cannot over-stress the need to have late edition  printed maps,...there will be many places in rural Australia that have yet to see join the digital age!
You cannot rely on your GPS either.

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Caravancaravan is a good website run by Clyde & Charmaine Camel, it has an excellent trip planning on the icon below to go and have a look at this very useful website.
Wikicamps is becoming known as the Grey Nomads is available as a smart phone app or it can be downloaded to a laptop running Win8.1 or later. It is however designed for Win 10 and I understand it works better there...we use it religiously, in our experience there are not many campsites in Australia that are not listed on Wikicamps. Like Caravancaravan it is possible to upload reviews and comments about campsites that become instantly available to others. Wikicamps is our preference.
Click on the icon below to have a look.

Caravancaravan and Wikicamps are by no means the only two camp-finder apps available, there are many, we just seem to use those two most commonly.
If you want a camp-finder printed book I believe the most popular one might be Camps Australia, this book is available in several forms and although quite expensive ($60+) it does contain a lot of information, be aware however that as this book is printed at 2 yearly intervals  this information might not be the most up to date.
Click the icon below to learn more.
I understand Camps Australia is now also available as a smart phone app but I have not used it nor do I know anyone who has.

Update...February I downloaded the Camps Australia appears to be quite good, the app costs $9.95 but users are not told until the app download completes that monthly updates cost $2.95 a month or $19.99 per year...we should have been told this before the download I think.
I will start to use it and upload my impressions in due course.

Update...July 2018....we find that we hardly ever use the Camps Australa Android app....too many of the places have insufficent information....for example, as at July 1st of the most popular Free Camps on the Bruce Highway on Queensland's central coast is at is not mentioned in Camps, yet the caravan park there is....the Calliope Caravan Park has very poor reviews on Wikicamps but there are no reviews at all in Camps...we will no longer use Camps Australia, Wikicamps will do.
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