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By no means is the recreational vehicle movement confined to Australia, many countries have followings. Click on the country name tags  below to learn more.

United States of America.
In the USA 'grey nomads' or, 'snowbirds' as they call them are just as common as they are here, 'caravans' are commonly called travel trailers but the term RV will cover most types, fifth wheeler's and large motor homes are possibly more common on US roads than here in Australia, although we have seen many American large motor homes in our Australian travels too.

Like Aussie nomads the US snowbirds tend to spend their winters chasing the warmth. Australia and the US appear to be very similar from a RV'ers point of view, especially in the flatter mid-western states, they too have a good selection of caravan parks or trailer parks but it appears that we Aussies have it over them as far as the availability of free or low cost camping. One popular website for our US cousins is the Good Sam Club, it is interesting to see that the American RV'ers also have a issue with restrictions on where they can or cannot park an RV.

If you might be interested in seeing how the Americans go caravanning ...two popular RV related US websites are shown below...Australians may find the links to the 'trailer parks' of interest, some distinct similarities....click on them for more..

England (Pommieland)*

It appears that the terminology regrading caravanning in the United Kingdom is somewhat similar to Australia.
British cars are generally small in size hence  British caravans are smaller and lighter...British caravans sold in Australia do not enjoy a good record as far as being suitable for Australian roads or conditions. It is likely of course that this will change in the future.
Two popular UK forums can be linked to by clicking the buttons below.

* Pommyland?...people of Britain are often called Pommies by Australians, the reasons for this are often hotly debated but the one I like best is the reference to the convict settlement of Australia...PoME, Prisoner of Mother England.
New Zealand.

New Zealand is a land of winding, steep and hilly roads, short distances but still there are plenty of RV users. New Zealand built caravans have quite similar appearances to caravans from the United Kingdom, particularly the front and rear windows, I'm not sure but there could be some ruling that requires the tow vehicle driver to be able to see what is following the caravan...I'm happy to be corrected here however.
Two popular Kiwi recreation sites below, click on them for more info.

I suppose its only natural that  the Recreational Vehicle community in Canada would be quite similar to that of the USA. The Canadians do have their own RV forums however...click the logo below to go to a popular one.

South Africa

If any country is similar to Australia it would have to be South Africa...with its flat terrain and huge distances. There is a substantial caravanning following in South Africa, click on the Caravan Parks logo above to learn more

Caravanning and other recreational vehicles are very popular in Europe and appears similar to that of Great Britain. Click the logos below to see for yourself.
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