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Calliope River Camp -  Central Qld - 2017
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Many Australian caravans, motorhomes and campers have American made 'Suburban' hot water systems fitted. These systems are very efficient, they operate on LPG gas and electricity, some of the earlier models opearated on gas only.

The water is heated either by a 240v electric element or, if by gas, a flame in the 'stove'....I'll call it stove as I dont really know what is actually called, its the section at the bottom of the heater where the flame fires up.

This stove area is obviously a 'hostile enviroment' and surface rust will inevitably is noted that the metal used in the construction of this stove is quite substantial in thickness and should last many years, despite the rusting.
I however like to banish rust when ever I see it.
To remove the rust in the Suburban water heater is not difficult, it will occupy about an hour of your time and can be completed by anyone who knows the difference between a shifter and a phillips head screw driver.. :)

My series of photos pretty well explains the operation, click each one for a larger view.....warning, before commencing this job ensure the that 240v mains, the mains water supply and the gas supply are all shut down or disconnected.

May 2018
Remove the rust inside the 'Stove' on a Suburban Hot Water System.