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Our generator....too often our solar panels were the victim of cloudy skies or the unwanted shade from trees.
Now, for a long time we had not been enthusiastic regarding generators, in serene locations generators, even the most quiet models could easily destroy the peace but following a rather disastrous experience with almost  a full week with no sunshine we knew we would need to do something. We considered the addition of a second battery to compliment the existing 100 A/hr one in the caravan,  two issues here though, our advice was that we could not simply add another battery, they need to be a matching pair and we would have to buy two, at a cost of around $750 installed! This cost plus the fact that even with 2 batteries we could still face issues with extended 'no sun' days.

We decided then to look into buying a  generator....the number and type available was mind boggling, from the cheapest Chinese versions (although they mostly all seem to be made in the PRC today!) to the more popular Honda and Yamaha there was a variation of almost $2000!
We believe in the acronym 'You get what you pay for' but by the same token we need to keep an eye on the budget.
We decided that any generator we brought would be used primarily for recharging our caravan battery and only run when need, perhaps 3 hours or so, it would only need to be a small one.
We eventually settled on a 2kva Briggs & Stratton PB2000, we brought it as a run-out model from a local generator specialist and at $550 it had been reduced by 50% (we had also found the same model advertised at $1700 elsewhere!). photos below.
Our generator
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