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Generator Shut-down modification

We have a Powerboss i2000 generator, it was purchased primarily to take on our caravan trips for times of limited sunlight on our solar also serves as back up for the home refrigerator should there be a power supply failure.
The generator, powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine,  works well, it is reasonably quiet...well, as quiet as most other generators but we really only ever use when absolutley necessary, to recharge the caravan batteries....nothing can wreck a serene campsite setting  like a generator!.

One thing I did not like about the Powerboss generator is that the control for shutting down the engine turns off the fuel and the ignition at the same time...the engine stops immediately. It is my opinion that with an engine such as this, one that might sit unused for days or weeks at a time, users should remove the fuel from the carburetor and fuel lines...fuel left for some can result in a varnish deposit remaining...this can effect future starting and running.
I have now installed a seperate ingition switch to overcome this below describe what I each one for a larger view and close each photo before viewing the next.
Any queries please dont hesitate to contact me....refer 'Contact us' page....note, see important info below photos.
Additional important note.

Following the modifications carried out you need to be made  aware of one new requirement; If you are shutting the engine down for a short time with the intention of restarting it  a little later you MUST remember to also TURN OFF THE  FUEL control....failure to do so may result in fuel running down the overflow tube.