Caravan freezer door seal fix
The seal on our caravan refrigerator freezer door was showing signs of splitting and I suspect the performance of the fridge was suffering as a result. A visit to a caravan supply shop and I learnt that I was unable to buy a new seal...had to buy a whole new door!!
A visit to the local hardware store proved much more productive....wallet-friendly. The self adhesive backed seal in the photo below does the job admirably.
Points to note; resist the urge to remove the door from the fridge, the little springs are very difficult to refit...thoroughly clean the door surface before the seal is applied, I used turps... cut the seal to fit into the corners with perfect 45 degrees, you donít want any leaks here...when applying the seal do not stretch it, if you do it will return to its natural length and you will have a gap.
Click the photo below.
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