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Calliope River Camp -  Central Qld - 2017
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We are moving house!!
For quite some time we have considered moving to a new area....we have lived in our current home for 31 years. In many ways we would have been happy to live here for the next 30 years but as we get older reality sets in....our house is high set, access to the upper section is via steps, 11 treads in each set...Pam, in particular, with her arthitis does have some days when going up and down the back steps to use the laundry can be hazardous, especially when wet.
That is our main reason for considering moving, the neighbourhood has seen some changes over the years, not always for the better. When we first moved here most of the other homes were owned rather than rented, many homes had families with kids of the same age as was a nice place to bring a family up.
Over time the kids grew up and left home as ours did, many of the homes were sold to investors and the renters moved in. Sadly, a number of the once spick and span gardens became weed beds.
We were relatively happy as the nearby homes, with some notable exceptions, were occupied by folk who looked after them.
In the past few years this is showing signs of changing again....a number of home sales in the area has seen owners, not renters move in, some young, some with established families and some elderly folk.
In addition, a new nearby housing estate has some very large and modern homes and this of course has lifted the whole status of the neighbourhood.

We feel that the time is right for us to consider selling, the house has recently been painted inside and out, the roof has been renovated, a new hot water system and electrical fuse box installed. Also, our main furniture, our lounge room suite, our bed and some other items were past their 'use-by' date...these items could be junked, and no storing needed...we probably would not find a better time to move.
In the first days of February 2019 we invited a real estate agent to drop should be noted that in the past year or so hardly a day would go by where we didnt get a leaflet in our letterbox from some real estate agency telling as that they had 'people queuing' up to buy homes in this location...some of the 'valuations' mentioned were clearly fantasy.
Therefore we carried out Google research and found an agent with a knowledge of the area, had good sales record and had been operating in the location for some time.....he wasn't selling cars last week.
Our first step was to engage a building and pest inspector to gain some idea as to what we would need to do to make the property suitable for going on the market.
We had  a few sleepless nights waiting for this inspection to be completed....the house is close to 50 years old after all.
I was visibly shaking while the inspector was doing his job, especially when up in the roof cavity, a place I have not been able to get into for some years.
The report however was excellent, allowing for the age of the house. Comments such as 'They dont make 'em like this anymore'  were gratifying. A number of items were noted as requiring attention of course.
While there are no signs of live termites being in the building but there is evidence of some termite damage previously occuring, which I am aware structural damage was related to it and a suggestion for a minor replacement section of timber was made.
Other items included the addition of extra railings on each side of the steps, currently there is one only....the front landing balustrading should be 1 meter in height to suit current guidlines and ours is just 800mm....there is no requirement to have these items addressed prior to the sale however.
All in all it was an excellent building inspection.
Update Feb 14 2019
Today we are moving...not to our new home but to a nearby caravan park!....despite allowing 4 - 6 weeks for us to be in a position to put the house on the market we found we will be able to do all that much sooner.....we have now stored most of our belongings in a secure storage facility and apart from a few items we are almost finished..the house will get a final clean and will be on the market soon.
Last night was our last sleep here...some nostalga has set in.....are we doing the right thing??....we have lived here for 31 years....we ponder often.
So, where are we going??

Our plans are that we will move away from the city, we have been looking at places like Esk, Rathdowney, the Darling Downs for example....we hope to be within 200 km of our current location.

Our immediate plans are to place our belongings in storage, remove a lifetime of unwanted stuff to charities and or the rubbish tip...our intention then is to move into the caravan located in a caravan park somewhere reasonably close....we wont put the house on to the market until we have everything, including us, right out and away.

Yesterday we reached the 'point of no return' in this venture....we purchased a  new trailer and we commenced sorting the good stuff from the rubbish.
Please return to this page for regular updates on our progress.
Despite us telling the real estate agent that it would take us some 4 to 6 weeks to get the house emptied out, cleaned and ready for sale we completed it all in a little over 2 weeks!

In the middle of February we moved into our caravan at Jacobs Well caravan park.

The house went on the market the last week in February 2019.

And it sold....
Once we had taken everything out of the house and finished cleaning it up we moved into the caravan and down to the  Jacobs Well Tourist Park....about 30km away....on the Northern end of the Gold Coast.
We stayed in Jacobs Well from Feb 15th until Mar 28th. It was ok but it was very noisy with motorbikes and hoons.
Jacobs Well boat ramp, directly in front of the park is said to be the busiest boat ramp in the state...there were many, many mozzies too.
The park was ok but they jacked the site rent up even when there were events on at a nearby hotel!...and as they were going to jack them up even higher over easter and the school holidays we decided to move on.
Following the Underwood house sale we packed up, said goodbye to the friends we had made during our 5 week stay and left for Crows Nest, about 2 hours was in this approx' location that we wanted to find a home...The Brisbane or Lockyer Valleys.
We like Crows Nest Tourist Park having stayed here many times previously, it is about a 90 minute drive to Underwood and we often made Crows Nest our final stop before getting home following a trip ....this time we camped here from Mar 19 to May 1st 2019. The new owner of the CNTP, Gerald, has great plans to upgrade many of the dated facilities and we wish him luck...we have already planned a return to Crows Nest for the annual Toowoomba Festival week in September.

Internet websites such as allows users to look at dozens of homes, plus we personnally visited many, right across the Brisbane and Lockyer thing we did discover, a lot of 'license' is used when posting Real Estate photos...some places have little resemblance to the posted photos when seen in person.
We eventually found what we Laidley. And oddly enough, the house we purchased was the first one we had visited...followed by many others!.
And here it is...a 3 bedroom brick home, 8 and a half years old, on an elevated flood proof block.

We will have some significant modifications and additions to carry out.....we still have around a month to allow the slow wheels of legal settlement to turn....we decided to relocate from Crows Nest to the Laidley Showgrouds....the house is just a 5 minute drive away.
We have stayed in the Laidley showgrounds a couple of times before....there is plenty of room here...the grass is good and the ground is flat, the toilets are quite ok, it will do us fine, it also happens to be $90 a week cheaper than Crows Nest...we'll camp here and await  settlement day.

Well!...Settlement Day eventually arrived, 4:30pm May 8th 2019, not only settlement on the Underwood property but for Laidley too!! all went thrrough without a hitch on the same day!!! Not before time either, some upcoming showgroud events were to close camping there.

The adventure continues, you can follow us to our 'new' house here.