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Ode to James Greig (Jim)...1944 - 2019.
My brother James (Jim) passed away on November 24 2019. Jim battled cancer in the last few months of his life....sadly distance was an issue with some 5000km seperating us and I was not able to attend Jims funeral.
This page is a memorial to Jim, Jim was the type of bloke that could usually see the funny side of life, he will be missed greatly....Oh, I accept that an ode is usually sung but not if you have heard my singing voice.....:)

The earliest photo of Jim I he is about 12 months old, the photo was taken with grandma and grandpop Greig at their residence on Waimea Road, Nelson NZ.

This one of Jim and brother Des....Jim is 3 here, Des 1.
Jims daughter Helen sent me this summary.

It was at Fremantle Cemetery on the 10.12.19
Was a great turn out a lot of family and friends.
Even our Fire Brigade guys came in the official uniforms.
We had the N.Z flag on Dads coffin with beautiful blue and white flowers running the full length of the coffin top.
We had myself, Aunty Ann, and a few friends spoke during the ceremony.
We had a slideshow of photos of Dad life from a baby right through his life.
With is favourite songs playing.
Everyone spoke highly of him in their speech.
I choose to remember the funny things that happened during his life.
Sure he would’ve been happy with the send off we have him.
The three Musketeers....Jim 4,  Des 2 and me 1.
And below...Me, Jim, Des and two forgotten cousins..this photo was taken in Wellington NZ in 1955.
In May 1998 our mum passed away in Nelson NZ, me and son Darryl and Jim went there at that time...this photo is of Jim and Darryl on top of the Port Hills in Nelson.
In 2012 my wife Pam and I had arranged with Jim and Jean that we would meet up....we decided to meet in Bright, Victoria....Jim had seen a story about Bright and wanted to see it...we agreed to meet there.
That wasn't to happen, at the time Jim and Jean had a Toyota Coaster motor home and they were towing a trailer which contained their camping gear...the trailer had some welding issues and by the time they got to SA Jim was reluctant to continue all the way to Victoria...we instead decided to meet at the small town of Crystal Brook in South Australia....this photo is of our sites at the Crystal Brook Caravan park, our van on the right, Jim and Jeans motorhome to the left.
Ol' Blue....Jim took this photo before heading off from WA.
We had an enjoyable few days together in Crystal Brook, we had quite a good look around this part of South Australia...we even found a road with a familier name.
All to soon however it was time to part company....Jim and Jean back to WA and us to Jim and Jean left the caravan park we were out the front waving goodbye.
This was the last time I was to see Jim.
I found some old photos that may be of interest...........
In 1967 Jim did something a lot of boys dream of doing but few do...he ran away to join the circus!.. :)
Jim and I have kept in regular contact over the years, we discussed mnay issues, mostly about cars and caravans....below is a copy of the very last email I was to get from Jim...24/10/ 2019 exactly one month before his passing.

G'day Paul,
I've been having a hell of a time lately, after having the Op on the left hand side, in which they inserted a drain hose from the Bladder to a plastic bag which hangs loose down my side.   this I thought was ok as I just shoved the bag into a pocket in the strides I happened to be wearing at the time.

that was working fine until the day I forgot to shove the bag away after going to the loo and leaving the bag trailing behind me.    well I left the Loo on one side of the door, while the trailing hose and bag managed to slip under the other.  well that set all the alarms ringing I can tell you, Jean came racing into the passageway outside the loo after hearing me squawk. to find me standing there holding the end of the hose which should have been attached to whatever in my back.

Next thing. there.s that Ice cream van in the driveway again. in I'm bundled and all haste back to Hospital. the only trouble was that the ambulance was heading to the wrong Hospital . somehow they had thought they had a simple cast of a Capatha coming loose from the Penis.  what I had was a far different type of surgery and requires a number of specialists  to replace the tube and a wire which goes up the centre of the tube to some unknown location,
Once this was confirmed there was a quick turnaround and it only seemed like a couple of minutes before my arrival at Fiona Stanley Hospital, now a week later I am again back home resting, and keeping a very close watch over this damn bag which I now have firmly strapped to the inside of my leg.

Cheers   Jim

May you rest in peace Jim...and please send us some rain.....Paul
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