During my almost 50 years of driving I have had more than my share of cars....sure, most of them were 'bombs' or clunker's  but one thing they did teach me was how often they broke down, how they worked and of course how to fix them.
Never having much money meant that the only way I could repair something on my cars was to do it myself...mind you I am always cautious with brakes and steering and any other safety related items, I cannot over emphasis, if you have any doubts at all always best to get expert advice for any safety item.
Important to note here also; in this day and age of computers you need to very wary of what you can and cant do when repairing modern motor vehicles, a simple short circuit can damage a component which can cost many hundreds  or even thousands of dollars to fix....  'high tech' items, such as the engine or transmission management systems, ABS (Brake anti-skid) systems or ESC (Stability Control) systems should only be repaired by trained  personnel, often specialized equipment is required for this stuff anyway.

Likewise modern turbo charged common rail diesel engines are very complex, gone are the days when you could stick a gallon of used cooking oil in the tank...they work to very exacting standards and will not tolerate fools.

The 'My Cars' pages are a record of my cars, note however that not all the photos are of the actual car but the photo I have used is, to the best of my knowledge,  the same model.
A list of all my cars is below, if you wish you can click on an individual car to go directly to that car or you can start at the top and scroll through the lot by clicking here.
My Cars - a list of all
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