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We are off to Tasmania!! -
Tasmania remains to be the only state we have not visited.
So, plans were made to fix this.
How would we get there?...the obvious and most common way mainlanders visit the Island State is by air...if we did this we would also need to be able to get around, so some options here, hire a car and go where and when we want or go on a planned coach tour. Both options were quite expensive, a Toyota Corolla would cost over $200 a day!...the coach tour was going to be around $10'000 and we really could not find a tour that would take in the things we wanted to see. We quickly dumped the idea of hiring a motor home too, very expensive.
Another option was to take our caravan and drive there....the cost of taking the caravan over on the Spirit of Tasmania was a real turn off.
So, our plans evolved and this is what we intend to do:
Drive with our caravan on the back to Geelong, Victoria, place the caravan in storage and go with the Triton to Tassie, we plan to spend 3 weeks there and will be away from home for around 10 weeks....September 19 2023 is the day we get going!
Of course Geelong is  a long way from the Lockyer Valley so there is quite a  bit to see along the way...please follow along with us...

This trip has now been completed...we arrived back home Nov 24, 2023... Click here to see how we went.

If you would like to see what we have put up on our website over the years you can go here.
The photo below is of our original home in NZ.
At this point in time we have no trips planned but it will likely be around the middle of February we will be off  again
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