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June 21 2022...Our current energy crisis has been in the news recently. This is my take on the situation:
In March 2017 the then federal treasurer Scott Morrison famously presented a lump of coal during a session in  parliament house, Canberra. Morrison of course went on to be Prime Minister of Australia...he probably was to regret the coal incident at a later stage.
Morrisons purpose in producing the lump of black coal, the reason he did it, has been lost over time...he attempted to explain two things, our coal is of the greatest quality and in time would become one of Australia's most lucrative exports, and secondly, we need coal to 'keep the lights on'
Both items since have proven true.

The Green movement ridiculed Morrison and a campaign was launched with the use of coal in their sights. There is no doubt that the burning of coal, even our 'top quality' coal is contributing to our climate changing, the use of coal, in particular for electricity generation, must be curtailed completely...few people can disagree with this.
The problem is that we are not currently able to replace coal fired power generation with anything else.

Now, it is accepted that the science reports are in and the climate is changing...only a total fool would think otherwise.

The problem is, as I see it: while we can find many scientists who will tell us that we humans are causing the change one can find an equal number of reputable scientists who will maintain climate change is simply Mother nature at work as she has done since time began.

The Green movements campaign included making any company that gained profits from the coal mining industry look really bad...investors were targeted, superannuation funds in particular. The money going to coal mining companies started to dry up, the Greens were very successful in this regard, it didn't take long for many investors, big and small, to want to not be seen to be associated with dirty coal.
The writing was on the wall, these old power stations were on the way power station proposals were dropped, , politicians got on the bandwagon, many of Australia's largest coal fired power stations were slated to close, it is understandable that from that point on little maintenance, other than scheduled or maintenance deemed necessary was carried out...

Sadly, it seems no one could see that this might create an and windfarms are great, providing there is sun and a breeze, the former doesn't happen at night and the later cannot be depended on...current technology  does not exist to allow a household to store a sufficient amount of electricity to continue normal usage.

It is also appropriate to note here that the Queensland state budget has just been brought down. Despite the much mentioned effects on the state economy by covid the state is on track to be back in the black to the tune of $1.7 billion, this is stated as being mainly due to the current buoyant international coal prices and the levy paid by the exporters. The treasurer, despite uttering that there would be no new taxes or increases to existing taxes and levies prior to bringing down the budget immediately increased the tax coal miners must pay.

So lets demonize the coal industry and kick this Golden Goose at the same time.

As mentioned above, there are many smart people who will readily tell us what we need to do, some will make comments that seem hard to believe...consider this:

The Brisbane Courier Mail is one of Queensland’s leading news papers, one would expect to be able to believe what is written within.
Last week two columnists appeared in the CM,
The first one was from Matt Canavan, Canavan is a Qld National Party senator who has a regular column in the CM, some of the stuff is interesting, sometimes. In this edition he made some points about the increasing cost of electricity and, to cut a long story short, he states that the only way we can reduce the cost is to ensure our current coal and gas powered generators are allowed to continue running into the future, he described the urge to rely on renewables, solar and wind, as 'pie in the sky' thinking, the continued closing of generators is going to bite hard.

On that same page there was another column, this time by a M/s Nelli Stevenson who describes herself as 'a member of Australian Parents for Climate Action'.
M/s Stevenson's comments were in direct contrast to Canavan's...she blames the energy cost increase (as well as bushfires and droughts etc.) on our reliance on 'unreliable coal and gas'. Comments we have all heard before from Greenies. M/s Stevenson also made this comment: "In places like the ACT, which has already transitioned to 100% renewable energy, energy prices are already going down".
This surprised me, I was not aware that the ACT and a city the size of Canberra was able to run on 100% renewables....following some Googling I am still unaware of how this is achieved.

So...I have a question of my own; "Imagine I'm a Canberra citizen, I get home from work in the dark, turn on the air-con, defrost dinner in the microwave and pre-heat the electric oven, I pop outside to get the pool pump pumping, where is the energy for these items coming from?".

To date no one has been able to answer me.
Can you?


FMD...(Foot and Mouth Disease).
The Energy Crisis
One has to wonder if our new Labor Government is treating the possibility of FMD getting to Australia seriously.
Despite FMD now having been found in Indonesia it seems the possibility of it reaching Australia is being almost ignored....almost a week after it was announced the closeness of this disease nothing had been put in place.
Calls to 'shut the doors' to Indonesia  were rejected. Finally it was decided that all returning passengers would have their footware cleaned at the point of arrival...perhaps too little and too late.
This morning I saw Denpassar returning travellers being interviewed at Sydney airport...several know nothing of  FMD!.