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Calliope River Camp -  Central Qld - 2017
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It is here where we will record the improvements to our Little House on the Hill.
One of the first things that hit the eye upon entry was the condidition of the carpets, there were badly worn, stained and just had to go....keeping up with our plans to have 'low maintenance' we decided that we didnt want carpet...vinyl wood grain looking planks were decided upon.
Another item we wanted to correct was the bathroom....while it was in good serviable condition we felt the step over the bathtub would present some difficulties, if not now then in years to come. We decided to have the bathtub removed and a shower screen installed......the two photos above are before and after.
In making the changes to our home we endevoured to use local tradesmen as much as we could....this turned out to be quite easy actually....the TV antenna man knew a bathroom renovator who knew an electrician who knew a concretor ....
Often our neighbours had to regulary endure a street full of tradies utes.
The photos below show the progression of the carport, patio and the garden shed.
And the Navara and caravan are in their new home!

And with our new fence and double gates the front of our home is pretty much done....
The back yard is the next job to be tackled.....when the slabs for the new carport and the new patio were laid they were of course set at the same level as the existing house slab..this means there will be quite a degree of filling required to bring the yard surface up to the new slabs can see by the next photos what is required...I have had to extend the height of the existing retaining wall...
I made steps to access the garden shed...a ramp for the motor mower will follow.
The proposwed landscaping was extensive...the back retaining wall had to be increased in height otherwise the ground would be quite steep.....
Irrigation and stormwater pipes were laid out ready to be covered.
The rear steps were made and installed, meters of topsoil was spread and leveled...turf was ordered. Due to the ongoing drought there would be a two week delay in getting the turf. With little to do, I decided the railing at the front of the patio and down the steps needed improving...note too that the new rail is wide enough to comfortably hold a stubby!.
One area, to the left of the house, under the new carport where neither sun nor rain will fall, was covered with crushed sandstone...the pipe in the photos is from the laundry tubs and will direct the washing machine water to a tank for use on the gardens and grass.....the two pictures are before and after.
A roller blind was installed on the western side of the would not be possible to sit there without it.
There is something very uniquely Australian to be able to sit in our patio late in the day and watch kangaroos and wallabies in the paddocks.
The Lockyer Valley, in the middle of 2019 and like most of the state of Queensland, was experiencing one of the worst droughts on record....dust storms occured regulary. This dust is coming from the west...from some poor buggers crop farm probably.
Our turf arrived eventually and it followed an evening with 3.4mm of great timing...laying the turf was a gratifying experience...from a yard of rubble a lawn appeared!
And with the finish of the turf laying came the realization that finally, or work at Laidley had come to an end.

And before it got too hot we decided to get one last caravan trip in for Elliot see, click here.